Knowledge is power. We condense years of experience and the best research into a few hours of in-depth training.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution includes teaching the sources of conflict and the five primary conflict styles. Participants will assess and understand their personal conflict style as well as the styles of others. Using tools to spot personality and style differences, we will discover techniques to calm conflict, disagree appropriately, and promote helpful communication to prevent dysfunction.

Excelling as a Manager or Leader

Our Leadership training includes positive ways to inspire, guide and lead your team, ways to manage unwanted behavior, ideas to recruit and develop great employees, and a challenge to plan your professional future to leave the legacy you want.

Functional Team Development

Functional Team Development focuses on intentional team collaboration. Targeted outcomes include increased commitment to the team’s mission and each other, increased skill in goal-setting and team problem-solving and an analysis of what makes teams work effectively. Using strategic collaboration, teams will develop a clear blueprint of how to move forward to achieve optimum success.

Grant Writing Workshop

Learn grant writing essentials to grow your nonprofit including common myths about grants, where to find grants, how grants can support your program and why partnering with a university can strengthen your chance for getting grants.

High Performance Professional

This course highlights skills that maximize your professional potential. Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of topics such as culture, competence, and communication which are vital to getting ahead and influencing others to your way of thinking.

Motivational Interviewing

Practice strategies emphasizing support and respect, guiding youth in identifying the needs for their behavior change and reinforcing their choices towards change.

Strengthening Your People Skills

People skills, also known as “soft skills”, have as much of an impact on your success as technical skills. This session focuses on communicating effectively on an interpersonal level, managing conflict positively and working together with ethics and integrity to motivate and inspire others.

Stress and Time Management

Today’s work environment is more stressful than ever before. This session focuses on helping you identify and manage the symptoms of Burnout while acquiring tools for Stress Management, Goal Setting, Time Management, Organization, and Self-Regulation.

Supervising Millennials

Millennials are different from previous generations. The content of this session focuses on how to best motivate, supervise and understand Millennial values and perspectives.

The Art of Customer Service

Develop core customer service skills, including effective listening, the value of appreciation and the power of “Yes.”

True Colors®

Better understand professional and personal relationships through a comprehensive framework of various personality styles and their interactions.

Thriving Through Change

Change is inevitable. But employees don’t need to fear it. In this workshop we look at thriving in the midst of minor or major change – topics include managing expectations, understanding change, and thriving, not just surviving, through change.

The Multigenerational Team

The American workforce has four vastly different generations collaborating and working together in it. These generations each have different values, expectations, and communication styles. This workshop focuses on how to effectively lead a multigenerational team.


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