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An oak tree comes from an acorn. Invest in your people today and see the rewards for decades.

The problem is soft skills.

Success today depends on each person acting with honor, respect, and clarity.

In the education system, we spend so much time focused on competence. The primary question is “can you do the task?” And in 1900, competence mattered more than anything else. Today, the world has changed and competence is no longer enough to determine business growth. We need to invest in our employees by giving them the people skills to communicate, negotiate, and lead.

The journal of Labour Economics published a paper by Nobel Laureate James Heckman called “Hard Evidence on Soft Skills.” He said: “The larger message of this paper is that soft skills predict success in life, that they produce that success, and that programs that enhance soft skills have an important place.”* The message of economists, psychologists, and managers is clear: employee success depends on their people skills.

* Heckman, James J., and Tim Kautz. "Hard Evidence on Soft Skills." Labour Economics (2012): 451-64.

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