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We understand the demands placed on school administrators, classroom teachers, and students, so we want to provide you with tools you can immediately use. Our customizable workshops inspire teachers and students to focus on strategies that build resilience. We know a person’s ability to relate, empathize, and connect with other people produces a successful school experience. It is our mission to help you make this happen.

Strengths Discovery was a great and wonderful experience for my kids! Seeing them work together, learn what type of strengths they have, and learn to apply it in school and outside of school was great!

- J. Wade

You Matter

At ThinkShops, we believe a healthy school culture is the catalyst for academic success and contributes to a lifetime of positive influence. Let us help you lay the groundwork for effective communication, a compassionate community, and a renewed commitment to improvement.

Your Training Team

Clemson University's Youth Learning Institute (YLI) Professional Training Team consists of 6 trainers who have over 100 years of collective experience in curriculum development, design, and strategic implementation. Our training workshops are highly engaging and contain components of active learning, peer learning, and case studies. We engage in quality self‐assessment and professional development as way of staying relevant and refining our practice.

Featured Programs

In addition to the workshops below, we offer two comprehensive, interconnected Professional Development programs that have been designed to prepare teachers (educators as a whole) to develop and sustain a school-level Culture of Achievement.

The programs address student behavior, student-teacher engagement, and the preparation of children in the cultural values and norms of school and a working, productive society.

Managing Student Behavior (MSB)

It is the goal of this program to create and sustain a civil classroom and school environment characterized by respect for learning, respect for people, and respect for property. We seek to create a greater percentage of time to teach subject content by helping teachers prepare students to be self-regulated.

Goal-Focused Communication (GFC)

Student learning improves, and students become more cooperative when they believe school is relevant to their own personal goals. It is the goal of this program to create productive relationships between teachers and students that are based on a focus on student goals: career goals, long-term school goals, short-term class goals, and immediate classroom goals. With the Goal-Focused protocol, teachers are equipped to prepare students to be self-directed which leads to greater success and satisfaction.


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"Enjoyed it. Very informational. Had a lot of good points for me to consider about myself, the job, and my students."


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"True Colors has given my faculty a common language. We have learned to honor our differences as well as our personal strengths. It has allowed us to work through conflict more productively and celebrate our successes more completely. True Colors has become a part of our daily language."

C. Moore

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