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Melanie Hammack

Melanie Hammack

Director of Professional Training

Leadership & Management – Business Culture – Employee Engagement – Strategic Planning – Youth Development – Generation Z – Emotional Intelligence
Melanie Hammack is the ThinkShops Training Director. In this role, she is responsible for business development, strategic planning, contract negotiation, and trainer support. She is also the Associate Executive Director of Administrative Services for Clemson’s Youth Learning Institute where she provides overall leadership to the institute and manages an administrative team. Melanie brings more than 25 years of experience in leadership, management, development, public relations, training and teaching. She presents information at conferences, chambers, schools, and organizations around the nation. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Education and is pursuing a Master of Science degree in Youth Development Leadership.

True Colors® Power Duo: Orange + Gold
Top 5 Strengths: Activator, Maximizer, Arranger, Achiever, Competition
Melanie believes that success on any team begins with good leadership. Her passion is to see teams flourish with engaged, committed, happy employees who support a dynamic culture of achievement.

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