Nic Pangborn

Training Specialist

Nic Pangborn is Assistant Director of Special Programs for the Clemson University Youth Learning Institute (YLI) and has been part of the YLI team since 2014. His current responsibilities include developing independent living programming for foster care youth, marketing through social media, supporting Clemson’s YLI programs and facilitating soft-skill training across the state. Additionally, he is a Faculty in Residence for Clemson University and works to enhance students’ living and learning experiences on campus.

Pangborn is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications and Film. He is passionate about helping others succeed professionally and personally and has experience in program development and refinement as well as the creation of employee training and performance programs. He is a trained facilitator for Clemson University’s annual IMPACT leadership retreat and trained to deliver StrengthsFinder.


Eastern Michigan

Bachelor of Science in Telecommunication & Film

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