Our clients rave about the value they get from our workshops.

"I really enjoyed this training. I'm excited about the new information that I learned and how I will apply it to my team!"

V. Sabb-Smith

"Staff was very professional and engaging both in and out of the classroom setting. Best training ever!!!"

J. Gallman

"Very comfortable, helpful, and enjoyable training. The trainers were very good with staff and related very well with everyone. Very good training and trainers."

R. Cales

"The information you shared with our team was wonderful, and I believe it will be very instrumental as we strive to continue to grow not only as an agency and team but as individuals. I received wonderful feedback on your energy and helpfulness and wanted you to know how much of an impact you have on others."

J. Newman

"This [Strengths Discovery] was a great and wonderful experience for my kids! Seeing them work together, learn what type of strengths they have, and learn to apply it in school and outside of school was great!! I feel they really got to learn what type of person they are and finally understand how to apply their strengths! Catherine and her staff did an outstanding job!"

J. Wade

"True Colors has given my faculty a common language. We have learned to honor our differences as well as our personal strengths. It has allowed us to work through conflict more productively and celebrate our successes more completely. True Colors has become a part of our daily language."

C. Moore

"Great presentation! Thoroughly enjoyed it! I left inspired to face change head-on!"

G. Perry

“Glad we did this. Most fun I had learning.”


“The info was great and the trainers helped us have fun learning! I couldn’t believe it was already over.”


"It was nice to learn about my fellow teachers! Thank you."

M. Carroll

"Loved the energy! Would love to attend again! This was an eye opening experience."

E. Thompson

"I loved this and it helped me to learn a lot about myself!"

L. Whittaker

"Enjoyed it. Very informational. Had a lot of good points for me to consider about myself, the job, and my students."


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