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Conflict Resolution: Turning Conflict into Opportunity

Often people have a negative perception of conflict. In fact, studies show that 87% of workplace problems are related to people issues. This is primarily due to casualties that occur when the energy created from conflict is not properly used. This training aims to transform that energy into something positive and productive. Participants will learn about the human tendencies toward drama while developing and applying healthy conflict strategies to combat those inclinations.

Emerging Leaders

Great job performance does not automatically translate into great leadership. Emerging Leaders is designed to develop each participant’s capacity to lead effectively. This course combines fun and exciting methods of self-discovery with hands-on approaches to finding your leadership pathway.

Excelling as a Manager or Leader

Leadership is deliberate not passive! This workshop examines effective leadership strategies, managing your team, dealing with low morale, and determining your leadership legacy.

Functional Team Development

Through a series of powerful exercises using concepts from Patrick Lencioni’s The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, participants will improve in each of the five key fundamentals: trust, conflict, commitment, accountability, and results. This highly interactive, collaborative workshop incorporates unconventional training to improve the cohesion and functioning of your team.

Goal-Focused Communication

Student learning improves, and students become more cooperative when they believe school is relevant to their own personal goals. It is the goal of this program to create productive relationships between teachers and students that are based on a focus on student goals: career goals, long-term school goals, short-term class goals, and immediate classroom goals. With the Goal-Focused protocol, teachers are equipped to prepare students to be self-directed which leads to greater success and satisfaction.

Grant Writing Workshop

Learn grant writing essentials to grow your nonprofit including common myths about grants, where to find grants, how grants can support your program and why partnering with a university can strengthen your chance for getting grants.

High-Performance Professional

This course highlights skills that maximize your professional potential. Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of topics such as culture, competence, and communication which are vital to getting ahead and influencing others to your way of thinking.

Management and Communication: Building Teams and Bridging Gaps

Successful managers know how to regulate their emotions, develop relationships, and foster a healthy and productive workplace. Designed to help managers understand the role of the manager through management best practices and the nature of influence, this workshop will also reveal the dynamics of organizational culture and provide tools and techniques to use for effective communication. Through experiential exercises and relevant activities, you will gain the confidence necessary to master complex challenges and convey ideas in ways that drive effective decision-making, teamwork, and action.

Managing Student Behavior

It is the goal of this program to create and sustain a civil classroom and school environment characterized by respect for learning, respect for people, and respect for property. We seek to create a greater percentage of time to teach subject content by helping teachers prepare students to be self-regulated.

Motivational Interviewing

Practice strategies emphasizing support and respect, guiding youth in identifying the needs for their behavior change and reinforcing their choices towards change.

Strengthening People Skills

Research and experience prove that our ability to relate, understand, and work together is our greatest asset. Learn more about self-awareness, Emotional Intelligence, and team dynamics in this training.

Supervising Millennials

Millennials are different from previous generations. The content of this session focuses on how to best motivate, supervise and understand millennial values and perspectives.

The Art of Customer Service

Develop core customer service skills, including effective listening, the value of appreciation and the power of “Yes.”

The Multigenerational Team

The American workforce has four vastly different generations collaborating and working together in it. These generations each have different values, expectations, and communication styles. This workshop focuses on how to effectively lead a multigenerational team.

The Power of Personal Strengths

Knowing and understanding your unique strengths is just one component of The Power of Personal Strengths. This course will guide participants in the creation of an action plan for building and applying strengths while helping participants develop a strengths-focused perspective and strategy to achieve greater satisfaction in their career and life. Participants receive and utilize personalized materials including a Top 5 Strengths card and a My Strengths Workbook.

Thriving Through Change

Change is inevitable, but employees don’t need to fear it. In this workshop, we look at thriving in the midst of minor or major change. Topics include managing expectations, understanding change, and thriving, not just surviving, through change.

Understanding Poverty & Other Cultural Barriers

Human behavior is shaped by environment and experience. This course focuses on how poverty and other cultural factors influence behavior. Our immersive simulation experience sensitizes participants to the realities of poverty in order to bridge the gap from perception to understanding.

True Colors®

Why is it easier to work with some co-workers and more taxing with others? This training offers a comprehensive look at the four basic personality styles that make up your office and helps individuals and teams understand their own strengths and weaknesses in the workplace.

Workplace Resilience: Tools to Combat Stress and Manage Time

Employee anxiety and stress are on the rise globally. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a quarter of all employees view their jobs as the number one stressor in their lives. Using techniques from HeartMath® and other mindful applications, this workshop will provide participants with tools to stay balanced and build resilience to the high demands of today’s modern workplace.


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