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Building Effective Instructional Leadership Teams

About this Training

Some of the greatest levers to improving student achievement lie in the school leader and an effective Instructional Leadership Team (ILT). An ILT is vital to the success of any school improvement initiative and can be the vehicle to devise, launch, and execute on improvement goals. The training is designed to establish mindsets for leading instructional improvement efforts, promote deep cohesion among members, and learn the process for managing instructional improvement efforts in authentic situations. The end goal is to make sure the team has increased its capacity to deliver (i.e., its Implementation Quotient) and execute its instructional improvement plans.

A distributed leadership model has a positive effect on instruction, climate, and achievement (Insight Education Group, 2019).

Skills Gained

  • Develop an improvement plan that works
  • Hold effective 5-Star meetings
  • Launch 45-day projects (called Rocks)
  • Develop and track progress through a scorecard

Intended Audiences

  • Administrative teams
  • School leadership teams
  • School counselors and guidance
  • Teacher leaders

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