ThinkShops delivers training workshops to organizations, state agencies, schools, school districts and businesses who are committed to personal and team growth. Our four programs are designed with courses that meet particular goals of an organization.

Leadership Development Program

The Leadership Program is designed for emerging leaders, leaders in the middle, and high-level leaders and includes elements vital to their success: influence, communication, critical thinking, self-awareness and regulation, managing well, and leading up, across and down.

Professional Development Program

This program targets personal and professional development on topics such as self-awareness, self-regulation, relationship building, professionalism, workplace resilience, time management, and change management.

School Development Program

The School Development Program is for students, teachers, school leaders and district representatives and includes a combination of soft skill and targeted skill growth. Using best practices and beyond, it supports the Profile of a SC Graduate, 21st Century Learning Skills, English Language Learners, and the SC Teaching Standards 4.0 Rubric.

Team Development Program

The Team Development Program is designed for teams to learn how to trust, manage conflict, solve problems, collaborate, and work together more efficiently and effectively.

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