Effective Communication


True Colors® Communication

Effective communication is the key to healthy employee relationships. One of the biggest barriers to employees thriving at work is their ability to independently navigate personnel issues. This workshop includes a personality assessment and teaches entire organizations how to communicate more effectively to positively impact employee engagement, productivity, turnover, and performance.

The Power of Personal Strengths

Knowing and understanding your unique strengths is just one component of this personalized workshop. This course will guide participants in the creation of an action plan for building and applying strengths while helping participants develop a strengths-focused perspective and strategy to achieve greater satisfaction in their careers and life. Participants will receive and utilize personalized materials including a Top 5 Strengths card and a My Strengths workbook.

Mastering Conflict

This workshop aims to reframe the common negative view of conflict into one that focuses on the opportunities for productive, creative, and effective solutions that healthy conflict provides.