Cultural Competency/ Diversity


Understanding Poverty and Other Cultural Barriers

Human behavior is shaped by environment and experience. This course focuses on how poverty and other cultural factors influence behavior. Our immersive simulation experience sensitizes participants to the realities of poverty in order to bridge the gap from perception to understanding.

Beyond Diversity – A Move Toward Equity

We live in a world that is more interconnected than ever before. We work closely with people who look different than us, communicate differently than we do, and act differently than us. The co-workers that we have and the populations that we serve have diverse races, genders, ethnicities, physical abilities, religions, and sexual orientations. In this workshop participants will engage in exercises and dialogues to develop a deeper understanding of their own worldviews to determine how these influence their work and relationships with colleagues, youth, parents, and others.

Diverse Learners: The Culture Connection

The demographic profile of American youth continues to grow increasingly diverse. As educators seek to connect with students, integrate standards, and meet testing criteria, many cannot help but wonder, “What’s culture got to do with it?” This training develops teachers’ cultural competence while providing practical tips for creating hospitable learning communities. Teachers will walk away with tools to equip English language learners for success.