Youth and Teens


Your Voice, Your Future

Let’s empower youth to experience success and believe in a prosperous future. This student-centered workshop incorporates elements of asset-based thinking, goal setting, and playful learning to guide youth in identifying their personal power. Participants will leave ready to apply talents, locate resources, and accomplish goals.

Sharpen Your Edge

Research and experience prove that our ability to communicate, relate, and work together is our greatest asset. As many as 52% of companies across the country are concerned about recent graduates’ lack of personal skills. This interactive course will engage students in 21st-century skills and the power of Emotional Intelligence as they prepare to enter today’s modern workplace.

Activate Your Advantage

This program gives students the skills and knowledge to increase their personal power and be future-ready with 21st Century Skills. Students participate in nine interactive sessions that develop skills around self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, responsible decision making, communication, collaboration, leadership, conflict resolution, and time management. The culminating activity for this program is a job fair where students interact with local employers to demonstrate competency of 21st Century Skills.