We believe that people need people. We each bring a unique value to the world and our differences have a purpose. We believe that when people are strong in social and emotional competencies, intentionally build positive relationships, and connect with others who model resilience they will be confident and positive contributors to their homes, workplaces, and communities. We believe that partnerships and collaborations create a stronger community.

The mission of ThinkShops is to serve the community by building individual and organizational capacity. ThinkShops values human resilience, positive organizational culture, personal empowerment, social and emotional development, and playful experiences, and these are incorporated into every training experience. Our specific research areas include emotional intelligence, social-emotional learning, effective communication, healthy relationships, and resilience.

Each year, ThinkShops helps thousands of individuals and teams maximize their potential through workshops, speaking at conferences and facilitating team retreats. On an individual level, ThinkShops participants will gain a greater understanding of their skills and abilities by building on their natural strengths to be the best they can be. On an organizational level, participants will develop greater cohesion around common goals and shared language that will sustain a positive workplace culture.

If individuals and organizations function at their optimal capacity, the customer receives the greatest benefit. Whether the customer is a student in the classroom, a juvenile on probation, a family in need, or someone purchasing a good or service, the customer will ultimately experience the benefit of quality service performed by focused employees in a healthy workplace environment.


“Our ThinkShops on Social Emotional Learning was amazing. As an educator, I learned an abundance about the pillars of SEL. As a participant, I was given the opportunity to experience SEL in action. This workshop was transformational to my teaching practice.”

- Mrs. Kayla Hostetler, English Educator (Aiken High School).

“I enjoyed the training. I feel like a part of being a great teacher is having an understanding and appreciation of all students and the many differences they have. Being able to adapt and form relationships with vastly different personalities and interest is the foundation of being able to “teach strong”. Melonie came in with a great attitude, high energy, confidence, and made the class enjoyable. We all had a great time learning about ourselves, and each other. I began incorporating many of the skills and techniques she taught us to combat stress and manage time. The information Melonie and Clemson provided will definitely help with workplace resilience, and I look forward to discovering more about human learning and change.”

- Ashley Morris, Health Science Instructor.

“As a Career Center Director in one of the largest centers in our state it is critical that we provide engaging, trending, best-practices to our instructors and staff yearly. We want the training to be focused on topics relevant to our current climate where we can experience growth. Incorporating ThinkShops as our Professional Development has provided personalized training to our very diverse faculty. Our goal has been to develop a positive school culture while also growing as individuals. The customized training has created self-awareness in all of our people and allows us to maintain healthy, positive relationships while providing a positive school culture where differences are valued. Our trainers have all been first-class folks with experiences that directly relate to our experiences and it has been a WIN-WIN!”

- Sherri Yarborough.

“The HLF team has really grown from the training we have received over the years through ThinkShops. Establishing our core values and mission truly helped us learn the “why” of our business, and the strengths testing helped us discover the “why” of our people. Cathy is a great facilitator, asking questions that promoted curiosity, which created a fun learning environment encouraging everyone to participate. The leadership training has been a huge boost to the engagement and accountability of our leadership team. I highly recommend ThinkShops.”

- Paul Hammack, Attorney.

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