ThinkShops trainings assist a variety of organizations with addressing the lack of prioritizing the significance of emotional intelligence (self-awareness, self-regulation, social awareness, and social regulation) by helping participants see that “soft skills” are as important as technical skills. As the modern workforce progresses toward automation, the need for individuals to know their value and teams to maximize capacity is increasingly important.

We have created a series of interactive workshops so that educators, corporate managers, organizational leaders, employers and employees in general not only learn new skills but also learn how to apply those skills in order to create a common language to contribute to a positive culture. ThinkShops uses a combination of internally developed trainings, open source materials, and national best practice models that can be customized to meet the specific needs of any group.

Each year, ThinkShops helps thousands of individuals and teams maximize their potential through workshops, speaking at conferences and facilitating team retreats. On an individual level, ThinkShops participants will gain a greater understanding of their skills and abilities by building on their natural strengths to be the best they can be. On an organizational level, participants will develop greater cohesion around common goals and shared language that will sustain a positive workplace culture.

If individuals and organizations function at their optimal capacity, the customer receives the greatest benefit. Whether the customer is a student in the classroom, a juvenile on probation, a family in need, or someone purchasing a good or service, the customer will ultimately experience the benefit of quality service performed by focused employees in a healthy workplace environment.

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