Course Catalog

Coaching for Change

About this Training

This innovative coaching model uses “reflective practice coaching” (American Institutes of Research) and principles and processes from Cognitive Coaching to highlight key levers that can be used to grow practice and improve instructional effectiveness. This workshop highlights undergirding principles including teacher trust, having a growth mindset, and calibration. Building trust and nurturing the coaching relationship are key to success. Additionally, coaching is NOT a one-size-fits-all model and the training provides instructional leaders with a variety of effective coaching processes and strategies.

“Research and field work suggest that coaching, when conducted appropriately, can have a positive impact on lasting instructional change” (Insight Education Group, 2019).

Skills Gained

  • Understand root causes that dictate teacher’s actions in the classroom
  • Coach teachers so they can better craft solutions to classroom challenges
  • Empower teachers to produce evidence-based changes to impact student outcomes

Intended Audiences

  • Instructional coaches
  • School leadership teams
  • School counselors and guidance
  • Teacher leaders

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