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Functional Team Development

About this Training

High-performance teams include members who are actively engaged, committed to completing team goals, and trust one another’s loyalty, ethics, and competence. This three-part workshop series takes teams on a reflective journey to examine the causes of team dysfunction and offers research-based solutions for building a well-functioning team. We incorporate engaging, collaborative opportunities with practical applications to ensure participants leave with a renewed commitment to build trust, accountability, healthy conflict, and achieving results.

Day One: Building Trust; Day Two: Mastering Conflict; Day Three: Commitment, Accountability and Results

People tend to work harder and be happier when they are part of a team they love.

Skills Gained

  • Improve team function
  • Increase levels of trust
  • Indentify healthy conflict
  • Recognize commitment and accountability actions
  • Co-create strategies for improvement

Intended Audiences

  • Leadership teams
  • Management
  • Work teams

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