Course Catalog

Leadership Academy and Executive Coaching

About this Training

This training consists of two parts – an academy approach coupled with one-on-one executive coaching for district and school leaders. Initially, leaders will select a specific “Problem of Instructional Practice” as the focus of support. The problem of practice serves as the connective tissue in the leadership academy approach because each topic is analyzed through the lens of each individual’s problem of practice. For the one-on-one executive coaching, the problem of practice provides a clear focus for the feedback and coaching sessions.

Collaborating with peers in a networked improvement community of leaders and receiving individual coaching feedback is critical to grow future and current leaders.

Skills Gained

  • Helps leaders become effective agents of change in their district and buildings
  • Provides support in developing cohesive plans
  • Provides support in establishing evidence-based processes
  • Creates and works toward a Problem of Instructional Practice
  • Creates emotional resilience in leaders which decreases turnover

Intended Audiences

  • Administrative teams
  • District leadership teams

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