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The Power of Personal Strengths (Youth)

About this Training

Designed for students, this workshop reveals the many ways in which participants can use personal strengths to their advantage. Research shows that educating students on their strengths leads to an increase in academic efficacy, motivation, and behaviors. This course will help participants develop a strengths-focused perspective on achievement and self-perception. Each will receive personalized materials that will serve as a guide for building and applying individual strengths in the areas of academics, career, and service to others.

Students who know and use their strengths are more confident, motivated, and resilient.

Skills Gained

  • Identify personal strengths
  • Utilize academic strengths
  • Utilize career strengths
  • Demonstrate strengths-focused communication
  • Develop a mission statement for service to others using personal strengths

Intended Audiences

  • Students, grades 6-12
  • University students

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