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Carissa Stech

Carissa Stech

Administrative Assistant

Cari Stech is the ThinkShops Administrative Assistant for Clemson University’s Youth Learning Institute. Cari supports the training efforts by coordinating trainer and client calendars, travel, and training locations. She prepares course materials and manipulatives that are used to reinforce learning outcomes. Before working with ThinkShops, Cari held the position of office manager at a local real estate agency for three years. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.

True Colors® Power Duo: Blue + Gold
Top 5 Strengths: Empathy, Connectedness, Harmony, Developer, Responsibility
Cari truly enjoys being the “glue” of the ThinkShops team by supporting the training staff, staying organized, managing the details, and using her empathy and harmony to communicate with her team and clientele.

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